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Why Should Tech-Savvy Millennials Consider A Career In The Auto Repair Industry?

Brian Bates

If you’re a millennial, chances are you’re very tech-savvy. Chances are you were born with a smartphone in one hand and knew how to use it the instant you saw it. You also know your way around apps and have spent the better part of your childhood teaching people with more seniority how to navigate online. If that sounds like you, have you ever considered a career in the auto repair industry?


You’ve Been Told to Get a Traditional College Degree

Getting a traditional college degree doesn’t sound so inviting all the time, does it? People just a couple of years older than you (maybe your older brothers and sisters) now have debt from their educations that will take them years, or decades, to repay. Every time the mailman comes to the door or they receive phone calls, they’re terrified at the bills that are accumulating. The time for being an indentured slave is long gone.


You Learn in Unconventional Ways

You probably love watching YouTube videos when you want to learn something new. You can watch videos over and over until you really nail whatever skill you need. Not only that, but you’re tech-savvy enough to create your own video that shows the best points of that other video in five minutes flat. As opposed to the 30 minutes the other guys took to explain something.


You Learn by Doing

Other people like sitting in a classroom, reading books, but that’s never been you. You like to learn by getting your hands dirty. Maybe not always literally dirty, but you don’t like sitting still for that long. Also, you may have great hearing, a memory for something you’ve heard only once, and maybe you can give directions to a place you’ve only visited a few times.


You Enjoy Puzzles

By puzzles, we mean figuring out why something works or doesn’t work. You have the focus to take something through to the very end. And it bothers you when something doesn’t work the way it was designed to work. In fact, while fixing something, you may have figured out a better way for that thing to work.


You Enjoy Being on a Team and Having a Higher Purpose

In the auto repair industry, you’ll probably be working on a team. You’ll see people who need your help every day. You’ll help them get to work, get safely home, and you’ll be their hero for fixing something that was broken. The auto repair industry is growing and needs people like you. Consider the auto repair industry, won’t you?

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