Power Steering Services in Littleton, CO

Power steering is vital to the safe operation of today’s vehicles. It ensures your vehicle goes where you need it to go and is responsive when you turn the wheel. So, if you experience power steering or other vehicle problems, consider the South Park Tire & Auto Center, where we provide stress-free repair and maintenance services in the Littleton/Highlands Ranch area.

Our ASE-certified auto mechanics, technicians, and service advisors will work together to ensure your power steering problem is fixed right the first time and on time.

To help ensure your safety and recognize the signs of potential power steering problems, review the following list and let us know if you need us to check your power steering system.

Signs of Power Steering Problems

Like all mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems, power steering systems degrade over time. Hoses develop leaks, O-rings and seals become less flexible, pumps wear out, and other components fail for many reasons.

Fluid Spots Under Your Vehicle

Although some power steering systems are now electrically driven, most are hydraulically powered and use specially designed hydraulic fluid. Power steering systems often develop leaks, resulting in the power steering fluid dripping onto the garage floor or driveway, leaving noticeable puddles or spots. Since the steering system needs adequate fluid levels to operate correctly, checking your fluid levels and promptly repairing any problems is critical.

Unusual Noises When Steering

Power steering systems that are low on fluid often make noises such as squealing, whining, or grinding. If you notice these or other noises while steering and not when driving straight, you should check your fluid levels or have a qualified technician inspect your vehicle.

Stiff Steering

Your power steering system needs the right amount of fluid to operate correctly. When a leak or other problems result in insufficient fluid, the power steering system does not exert the power to turn the wheel easily.

Fixing Power Steering Issues

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, have your vehicle checked immediately. Power steering problems do not fix themselves, and failing to fix them promptly can result in safety issues and more expensive problems down the road.

Customer Service at South Park Tire & Auto Center

Customer service is a priority with South Park Tire & Auto Center service advisors and technicians. If your vehicle has power steering problems or other issues, you can count on us to care for you and your vehicle. Call us with questions, schedule an appointment, or visit us at 8081 South Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122.

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