Preventative Maintenance in Littleton, CO

Keeping your car running well means getting plenty of preventative maintenance. Most of the systems in your car need occasional maintenance appointments so you can keep them in good shape. There are a lot of different things to have checked/replaced/refilled, and it can be stressful to think about. However, if you have a good maintenance schedule and stick with it, you can keep the car running smoothly for longer. And when you've kept your car up, you can ask more for it when you eventually sell it.

Short and Long-Term Maintenance

There are some systems that need to be checked regularly to keep things going in the short term. There are others that need to be checked to protect the long-term performance of the car. Some of the short-term maintenance tasks include getting the oil and coolant checked to make sure there is enough in your car. Without these, there may be major engine damage. You can take a look at both of them if you wish by looking under the hood. If there isn't enough, come to South Park Tire and Auto to have our experts take care of those fluids.

There are also a number of other fluids that need to be periodically checked, such as the brake fluid and windshield fluid. You also need to have someone look at your oil filter regularly. These can get dirty and clogged, and they can allow contaminants to get into the oil. The air filter periodically needs to be changed as well to keep debris out of the air that goes into your engine. Get regular checks on your air filter to help your engine last longer.

Your tires also have to be well-maintained. They may need to have more air or need to be rotated. When tires don't wear evenly, it can drastically lower how long the tires can be used. Getting tires balanced can also help with this issue. You also need to maintain all of the lights inside and outside of your vehicle. If you're out of a headlight, brake light, turn signal, etc., you can expect to get pulled over. It also means that you aren't as safe. The lights all have to be maintained for your safety.

Some of the longer-term maintenance includes getting your transmission fluid checked. If there's a problem with it, it could cause damage to your transmission. You may also need to get your transfer case fluid checked. To make your maintenance appointment, call us at South Park Tire and Auto.

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