Suspension System Repair in Littleton, CO

We take pride in South Park Tire & Auto Center being the preferred location for suspension systems and auto repair in the Littleton/Highlands Ranch area. Our ASE-certified technicians and service advisors are committed to performing quality repairs and returning your vehicle to safe operating conditions.

Suspension System Types

Today’s vehicles have either independent or solid axle suspension systems. An independent suspension system means each wheel remains in contact with the ground separate from the other three wheels, providing a smoother ride with better handling. Solid axle systems are found on trucks and some cars; their wheels operate like either end of a seesaw. Solid axle systems have a rougher ride but are stronger and handle more weight.

Signs of Suspension System Problems

Suspension systems wear out with use. Although you may spot a problem on the right or left side of the vehicle, the parts on both sides often show similar wear and must be replaced simultaneously. A qualified mechanic will diagnose the situation and provide you with options if they are available.

Your ability to drive safely depends on knowing the warning signs, so here are some indications that a qualified mechanic should inspect your suspension system.

Bouncy or Rough Ride

Drivers become familiar with the feel of their vehicle. If you notice your vehicle rides rougher than in the past or continues bouncing after running over a speed bump, these are signs that you should have it checked by a qualified mechanic.

Clunking Sound

Just as drivers recognize the feel of their vehicle, they also become familiar with how it sounds. If your vehicle begins making new noises, pay attention to the noise’s location and the conditions in which it occurs. If you hear clunking noises after rolling over a speed bump or similar obstacle, that typically indicates a suspension system issue that needs to be addressed.

Leaks Near Tires

Make it a habit to look for puddles, leaks, or spots under your vehicle and notice where you find them. Spots found near the tires may indicate a problem with your shock absorbers. Like the other signs that have been covered, spots found near your tires indicate the need to have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic.

Pulls To One Side

Vehicles that pull to one side must be checked, especially when driving in a turn. Your suspension system helps you maintain control on a curve, so get this issue checked promptly.

Customer Service at South Park Tire & Auto Center

Customer service is a priority with South Park Tire & Auto Center service advisors and technicians. If you are having suspension systems or other vehicle issues, you can count on us to care for you and your vehicle. Call us with questions, schedule an appointment, or visit us at 8081 South Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122.

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