Tire Rotation in Littleton, CO

Having a car means taking care of every part, and that includes the tires. The tires you choose make a big difference in the way your car drives. However, tires can wear unevenly sometimes. This can cause the tires to wear unevenly, and this lowers their lifespan. Even a car that has good alignment will need tire rotation. This will give you the best performance from your tires.

Even Tread Wear

It's important for the tread on your tires to wear evenly. This is why getting a tire rotation is essential for taking care of your car. The owner's manual of your car will tell you about how often you need to get your tires rotated. If it doesn't get done, the uneven wear on the tread will cause major damage to the tires. When this happens, you'll have to replace them way before they would have been replaced otherwise. If your vehicle doesn't have a recommendation for this, getting a tire rotation about every 5,000 to 7,000 miles is a good rule of thumb.

If your wheels aren't in good alignment, this can cause uneven wear on the tread. When the car is out of alignment, this can lower the lifespan of the tires as well as cause other mechanical problems that can have a negative effect on the tires. You need to get the car aligned as well as get tire rotation when this happens.

When the wheels aren't balanced well, it can cause the car to vibrate. This can be very uncomfortable for the driver as well as all of the passengers. When you have uncomfortable vibrations or haven't gotten your tires rotated in a long time, call us at South Park Tire and Auto. Keep your tires in better shape by making sure they get rotated often enough.

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