Cooling System Repair

At South Park Tire & Auto Center, we’re a leading provider of cooling system repair in Littleton and Highlands Ranch. We have top tier A/C and cooling system repair equipment, and our ASE-Certified auto mechanics have the skills and experience to repair just about anything.

Although many consider the cooling system to be just A/C, it does much more for your car outside of the passenger cabin. The cooling system also includes the pipes full of coolant that keep your engine, and other key parts of the powertrain, from overheating. A typical 4-cylinder car driving along has thousands of explosions taking place inside the engine as the spark plugs ignite the fuel. This is the source of all that heat! Without a properly maintained cooling system, the engine can and will overheat. This means you’ll have costly repairs to pay and a very battered engine.

Coolant systems are a dependable system when they’re working: a balance of air and antifreeze to bring the temperatures of your car down. This system has stayed relatively the same since the 1920s. South Park Tire & Auto Center has been open since 1990, and much of how we operate has been consistent as well. From the beginning when John Tracey first opened our garage, the mission has been to repair vehicles and serve our community. We’re trusted by many senior communities because they know we are fair and direct about our work, and that we won’t blindside you with extra costs. Consider this five-star review from one of our customers, Mike:

“Simply put, there is nothing better than having a mechanic that you can actually trust! My family has been bringing our vehicles here for as long as I can remember and we have never once had an issue.  From John, the owner, to Greg, the manager - these guys have integrity and the expertise to take care of whatever you may throw at them.”

If you suspect that your car is no longer running at peak efficiency, you can count on all of us at South Park Tire & Auto Center to take care of your vehicle. We have always made it our mission to keep our customers driving safe and happy If you have questions about how we can help you or would like to make an appointment, call us. You can also come right in and see us at South Park Tire & Auto Center. Find us at 8081 South Broadway Littleton, CO 80122. We look forward to working with you!

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