CV Drive Axle Services in Littleton, CO

There are so many parts of a car that are important for keeping the car running, and one of these is the CV drive axle. Many different types of axles are required in a car, and CV drive axles are just one of them. It's the most common of them and is essential to the running of the vehicle. However, some things can go wrong with them. It's important to know what the CV drive axle is and how to tell if it has a problem.

CV Drive Axle Basics

The CV in the name of this axle stands for constant velocity. This axle sends power to your car's wheels. These axles are more likely to be found in cars with front-wheel drive, but they can also be in other types of vehicles. A rear-wheel drive with independent suspension will generally use this type of axle, too. They might also be found in all-wheel-drive cars. If there's a problem with your CV drive axle, there will likely be a sign or two you can watch out for. If you experience these issues, call us to diagnose your problem and solve it. We at South Park Tire and Auto have certified techs who can help you when your CV axle isn't working as it should.

It's very common for this axle to have problems when the axle's rubber boots are damaged or cracked. This can allow dirt and moisture to get inside it, and it will then start corroding. If you're turning your car and you hear a popping or clicking noise, this can also mean there's a problem with the axle. This generally means that it's worn out. You might also experience a lot of vibration when you're driving. When this happens, it usually means that the axle is finished working for good and needs to be replaced. When your axle needs repairs or replacement, call us for expert services for your CV drive axle.

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