Keep Your Vehicle Handling Smoothly with Proper Tire Balancing

Uneven tire wear and subtle vibrations when driving often indicate your tires are out of balance. Tire balancing is a vital part of routine maintenance that keeps your car riding smoothly for the long haul. The ASE-certified technicians at South Park Tire & Auto Center have over 30 years of tire service experience under their belt. We’re experts at assessing vibration issues and correcting imbalances through proper tire balancing and wheel alignment.

What Causes Tires to Become Unbalanced?

As tires naturally wear from driving, they can develop light spots around the tread where rubber has worn away. These bald patches cause subtle but noticeable vibrations through the steering wheel or seats while driving at certain speeds.

Improper wheel alignment is another common reason tires fall out of balance. If wheels are misaligned, it causes uneven and rapid tire wear, which throws off balance over time. Issues with bent rims or driveline components can also lead to vibrations, indicating imbalanced rotation.

Signs You Need Tire Balancing

Some symptoms your car may display, signaling a need for tire balancing service, include:

  • Steering wheel vibration at highway speeds
  • Subtle shudders through the seats while braking
  • Uneven tire tread wear on inner or outer edges
  • Premature replacement of shocks or struts
  • Excessive road noise or humming sound

The Importance of Tire Balancing

In addition to restoring smooth and comfortable ride quality for the driver, routine tire balancing delivers some other key benefits for your vehicle’s health:

  • Maximizes tire tread life for lower replacement costs
  • Reduces strain on suspension components
  • Improves fuel efficiency from proper wheel alignment
  • Enhances traction and handling for safety

Our Tire Balancing Process

When you bring your car into South Park Tire & Auto Center for tire balancing, our technicians complete a thorough, multi-step process:

  1. Inspect tires for any damage and take tread depth measurements
  2. Demount and remount the tire onto our professional Hunter balancing equipment
  3. Input specifics like tire dimensions and wheel size
  4. Laser-guided cameras detect where any excessive imbalance spot exists on the interior sidewalls
  5. Small balancing weights are then clipped onto the wheel at strategic points to offset imbalance
  6. The tire spins rapidly to confirm even weight distribution has been restored
  7. The tire is reinstalled onto your vehicle

Any time new tires are installed, they are always balanced as part of the process. But we recommend checking tire balance at least every 5,000 miles or any time vibrations through the seat or steering wheel are noticed.

Combine Balancing with Alignment for the Best Results

Getting regular wheel alignments prolongs the effects of tire balancing by preventing rapid wear from improper positioning. Most vehicles need alignments every 10,000 to 15,000 miles to keep tires centered in the wheel well and make full contact with the road.

For optimal tire performance, fuel mileage, and ride quality, pair tire balancing with alignments for maximum benefits. Our technicians can provide recommendations tailored to your vehicle type and mileage.

Trust South Park Tire & Auto Center for All Your Tire Needs

Balanced tires not only provide a smoother, more comfortable drive; they also enhance safety through maximized handling and control. Save money over the long run by correcting imbalanced tires before uneven wear leads to early replacement. Contact our knowledgeable staff at South Park Tire & Auto Center in Littleton, CO, today at (303) 945-3780 to learn more or book your next tire balancing service.


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