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Which Type of Gasoline is Right For You?

Brian Bates

We have all been to the gas station and seen the three types of gasoline. Have you ever wondered which gasoline is best for your vehicle, or even if there is a gasoline right for your make and model of car? The team at South Park Tire & Auto is here to help answer all your questions about which gasoline is right for your vehicle. 

What type of gas your vehicle should use depends on what level of octane your vehicle requires. Typically, regular fuel is 87 octane, premium is 91 or 93, and mid grade is often 89. Octane measures the gasoline’s resistance to preignition; the higher the octane, the less likely it will be to detonate. What does mean for you, and what type of gas your vehicle needs? Your car’s owner manual will specify which level of octane your car requires. For example, if the owner manuel says 91-93 level octane, you should only use premium gas. 

Some engines use a higher compression ratio to produce more power, which means they compress the fuel-air mixture to a smaller size and that extra heat causes the fuel to pre-ignite. To ensure the gasoline doesn’t ignore early, these cars will require high-octane fuel. Not only will it say this in the owner’s manual, but it is usually written on or near the gas cap or even fuel gauge. 

More often than not, your vehicle will just need 87-octane gas. Using premium fuel on your car won’t make your engine run better or produce more power. In fact, there is no benefit to using premium fuel if your vehicle doesn’t need it. 

If you are unsure about which gasoline your vehicle needs, the team at South Park Tire & Auto would be happy to answer your questions and figure out which gasoline is right for your vehicle. We can also help you make sure your vehicle is fuel-efficient. Sometimes, if you behind on preventative maintenance, your car will burn more fuel than needed. 

Schedule an appointment at South Park Tire & Auto with our technicians. We can go over which fuel your vehicle needs and perform a thorough inspection to ensure your vehicle is performing in tip-top shape. 


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