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What Causes Brake Rotors to Warp?

Brian Bates

Brake rotors, also referred to as brake discs, are vital for any vehicle's brake system. The rotors attach to and spin with the vehicle's wheel. When the brake pedals get pressed, the brake pads clamp down onto the rotors, thus creating friction and eventually stopping the vehicle.
Brake rotors are made of solid and sturdy parts, making it difficult to understand how warping occurs. Though it may feel like it causes damage when braking, it doesn't cause permanent warping. What happens is brake rotors wear out irregularly because of the following reasons.
1. Excessive heat: This always happens if you put pressure on your car breaks. Excessive heat makes the rotor surface wear down, and metal areas raised higher. Heat causes metal to soften, causing wearing out in various parts and uneven surfaces. To identify the irregular wear, you have to measure your rotor to detect it. A professional auto car dealer can assist with that. High spots get hotter than other motor parts, and you may observe a bluish tint around the spot.
2. Glaze: The materials coming from the brake pads may glaze your brake rotors. This is very common when the brake pads become extremely hot, causing the pad material to rub off on your brake rotors. It not only lowers the rake's efficiency, but the brake rotor's surface becomes uneven.
3. Physical rotor damage: If your brake pads become too worn down, your rotors can be gouged. If not replaced on time, metal backing may damage the rotors. If the damage is too much, it can lead to excessive wear, similar to warping.
4. Caliper/ pad misalignment: When the calipers or pads are not properly aligned, it causes uneven wear to your rotors. For instance, one side of your calipers may be sticky. You will observe more wear on the same side of the rotor, causing overheating, which leads it to glaze.
When your vehicle brakes warp, it can be fixed by either replacing the rotor or resurfacing it. If you see any of the causes above, visit South Park Tire & Auto Center today for rotor replacement.

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