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What Are the Most Important Warning Lights on Your Dashboard?

Brian Bates

Ultimately, you want a dashboard that doesn't have any lights on. But, when there is a problem, these lights are helpful and allow you to get your vehicle the repair it needs. With that said, of all the lights in your dash, here are some of the most important, and you should never ignore them.

Check Engine Light

This light is probably the most dreaded one, seeing as how an engine repair or replacement typically is by no means an easy or inexpensive fix. The check engine light is an engine block that'll light up either amber, yellow, or orange. It's an indication something is wrong with the engine.
Unfortunately, it could mean a minor issue that'll resolve itself or a serious one that requires immediate attention. You only can know with a code reader.
Be particularly cautious if the light is flashing since it can mean a misfire.

Electrical System Fault

The electrical system fault light looks like a car battery and will light up solid red. While this can indicate a battery problem, it can also signify an issue elsewhere in the electrical charging system, like with the alternator.

Low Engine Oil Pressure

The oil pressure warning light looks like an old-fashioned oil can and will either shine deep orange, red, or amber when you have low oil or a problem with your oil filter or pump. Running your vehicle without correcting the issue could cause your engine to overheat.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

In most vehicles, the tire pressure warning light looks like a deflated tire and usually glows amber, yellow, or red. It means your tire pressure is low, and you'll want to fix this so it doesn't interfere with how the vehicle handles and fuel efficiency.

If you have a light illuminating on your dash, contact South Park Tire & Auto Center today for a diagnosis and to repair the concern.


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