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Signs Your Serpentine Belt is Failing

Brian Bates

Individual belts were formerly installed for a range of engine-related parts. Most belt-driven components in modern cars are powered by a single drive belt called a serpentine belt.

The auxiliary pulleys of the parts it powers are wrapped by the serpentine belt. The idler pulleys that retain the drive belt in its spiral structure and aid in the belt's movement may cause the serpentine belt to spin.

A serpentine belt drives the following automotive extras:

• Alternator

• Pump for the steering

• compressor for air conditioning

• water meter

• pumps air

If your serpentine belt has an issue, here are some of the things to look out for;

Dead battery sign on the dashboard

Warning lights on your dashboard indicating a dead battery are the first thing you could see if your drive belt is damaged or entirely snapped off. The serpentine belt drives the alternator, and when it breaks, the check engine light will come on, so it's probable that you'll see the battery light.

The belt has visible cracks and is worn out.

Physically checking your serpentine belt frequently is a smart idea. Verify the ribs for separation, cracks, missing portions, abrasions, uneven rib degeneration, and damaged ribs.

Unusual Noises

A malfunctioning belt frequently emits unusual noises that resemble squeals or squeaks. These sounds are coming from the front of the car, and deeper examination may reveal that the source is the engine. It's typically advisable to have the noise analyzed by an expert before making a diagnosis yourself because a deteriorating serpentine belt is but one of several issues that can create these noises.

AC and power steering aren't functioning.

Your automobile will malfunction if the serpentine belt totally fails and snaps. In addition, you'll experience a loss of steering systems, an inability to use the air conditioning, and improper cooling of the engine. When the power steering malfunctions while the car is moving, major safety risks may result.


To avoid risking your life while driving, or being late for your daily plans, you need to have scheduled routine checks. If you need serpentine belt repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to South Park Tire & Auto Center today.

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