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New Year’s Resolutions for Having a Happier and Healthier Vehicle

Brian Bates

2021 is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the New Year holds for us. We are also so grateful for our clients’ continued support, and we look forward to seeing you and servicing your vehicle in the school year. The team at South Park Tire & Auto Center wishes you a safe and happy New Year! 

The New Year is also the time for fresh starts. For many of us, we are already starting to think of our New Year’s resolutions. The team at South Park Tire & Auto Center is here to help. We spend so much time in our vehicles that they are practically a member of our families. It makes sense to think of resolutions geared toward our vehicles. Here are our New Year’s resolutions for having a happier and healthier vehicle: 

  1. Replace your engine air filter. Your engine air filter prevents debris and dirt from entering your engine. When your air filter needs to be replaced, all those contaminants can build up and harm your vehicle. It is essential for a qualified technician to check and change your air filter regularly. 
  2. Tire rotation is vital. If you are looking to keep your tires healthy and lasting longer, we recommend rotating them every 6,000 miles. Tire rotations prevent your tires from wearing their tread early. If you forget to have your tires rotated, you might find yourself with bald tires. 
  3. Listen to your vehicle. When we see that warning symbol appear on our dashboards, we can’t help but worry. It is essential to listen to your vehicle by not ignoring any warning lights on your dashboard. Ignoring these signals can lead to potentially dangerous and costly engine malfunctioning that could have been prevented. 
  4. Keep up with upkeep! To preserve the longevity and driveability of your vehicle, routine maintenance is a must. Certain services, including an oil change, tire pressure check, or engine air filter replacement, need to be performed at specific intervals. This way, our team at South Park Tire & Auto identifies and addresses issues before they become bigger, preventable problems. 

Together, we can keep your vehicle happy and healthy. Schedule an appointment at South Park Tire & Auto with our technicians. We are conveniently located at 8081 South Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122.


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