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How To Assess Tire Damage After a Curb Strike

Brian Bates

How To Assess Tire Damage After a Curb Strike | South Park Tire & Auto Center

When you accidentally hit a curb while driving, it can be a jolting experience. While the immediate concern may be for your vehicle's alignment or suspension, you must not overlook the potential damage to your tires. Here is how to assess tire damage and identify potential issues after hitting a curb.

The Consequences of Curb Strikes

Striking a curb can subject your tires to significant stress and impact, potentially leading to various forms of damage. From sidewall bulges and punctures to misalignment and uneven wear, the consequences of a curb strike can manifest in different ways. Inspecting your tires thoroughly after such an incident is crucial to ensure their continued safety and performance.

Signs of Tire Damage

  • Visible Sidewall Damage: One of the most apparent signs of tire damage after a curb strike is visible sidewall damage. Inspect the sides of your tires for bulges, cuts, tears, or punctures. These issues can weaken the tire's structure and compromise its integrity, posing a safety hazard.
  • Uneven Tread Wear: Another indicator of tire damage is uneven tread wear. If you notice that the tread depth varies significantly across the tire's surface, it could be a sign of misalignment or suspension damage caused by the curb strike. Addressing these issues promptly can help prevent further tire damage and ensure optimal handling and performance.
  • Loss of Air Pressure: A curb strike can also result in a loss of air pressure in the affected tire. Check your tire pressure regularly and be alert for any sudden drops in pressure after hitting a curb. Low tire pressure can affect fuel efficiency, handling, and overall safety, so it's essential to address any leaks or punctures promptly.

Inspecting Your Tires

After a curb strike:

  • Inspect your tires carefully to assess any potential damage.
  • Visually examine the sidewalls and tread surfaces for signs of damage or irregularities.
  • Use a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure in each tire and look for any visible leaks or punctures. 
  • If you're unsure about the extent of the damage, don't hesitate to seek professional assistance from a South Park Tire & Auto Center.

Ready to ensure your tires are in top condition after a curb strike? Visit South Park Tire & Auto Center for expert tire inspection and repair services. Schedule your appointment now to keep your vehicle safe on the road.

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