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Causes of Smelly Air in The Car Vents

Brian Bates

Have you ever gone into your car in the morning and felt a funky smell once you start it? It feels so awkward, and it leaves you wondering why a car you might have washed the evening before should have such an awful smell. You might drive away from the garage for just a few meters just in case the odor is coming from the outside, but if the condition persists and more vinegar smell emanates from your car A/C, there is a cause for alarm.

Cause of Foul Odor From Your Car A/C

One of the leading causes of foul smell from your car's vent is mold building up in the ventilation system. Every other time you drive in the rain or have a car cleaner wash your vehicle, it is definite that water residue will remain in the system. Moisture is a prerequisite for bacteria to grow and thus form molds in your car's ventilation system, especially the evaporator. When you switch on your vehicle, the smell will travel through the ventilation system directly into your face causing discomfort. If the mold in your car's system is mild, you could try spraying through the ventilation to help neutralize the smell. However, if the condition is worse, you need to schedule an appointment with your mechanic.

You can as well use an antimicrobial product on your car's coil. It would be best if you were careful, however, because some ointments sold in the stores can corrode the ring and cause unnecessary expenditures to repair. These antimicrobial ointments will help kill the bacteria that grows in your car's ventilation system and avoid the building up of molds.

However, if the condition persists, take your car to the mechanic with the disinfectant of your choice. The mechanic should clean the drain pan and flush the A/C system with your favorite disinfectant. Depending on the intensity of mold build-up in your system, the mechanic should continually run the disinfectant until the discharged liquid is clean and clear of bacterial debris. It is the only way to guarantee fresher air in your car every time you switch it on. 

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