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Can A Dirty Air Filter Affect Engine Performance?

Brian Bates

Many drivers are in the dark when it comes to their engine’s air filters. Do they make a difference? Do you have to change them? And do they actually affect your car’s performance? You’ve come to the right place – South Park Tire & Auto Center can help you answer all these questions and help protect the health of your vehicle.


Truthfully, air filters play a major role to your vehicle’s performance and neglecting to replace your air filter can result in negative consequences. The purpose of the air filter is to keep debris, leaves, bugs, dust, and other contaminants out and away from the engine. They block out these particles so that they don’t damage or wear down your engine parts.  


Just like the air filter in your homes, you should change an engine air filter over time. When the filter has collected a significant amount of debris, it won’t be as effective a job. More importantly, the clogged air filter can obstruct the airflow necessary for your vehicle’s engine to run seamlessly. As a result, it can restrict engine power.  


Not only will your dirty air filter affect your vehicle’s performance, but it can also decrease your fuel efficiency too. All vehicle motors require a sufficient supply of oxygen for the combustion process to occur efficiently. When the engine can’t get enough air, your vehicle’s acceleration, torque, and overall performance can suffer.


Most car experts recommend changing your engine air filter every 15,000 - 30,000 mile, or every couple of years. Your air filter can wear down quicker depending on the smog and pollution levels in your location. The best way to stay on top of your air filter is to regularly inspect it. 


Now you understand how integral air filters are when it comes to your vehicle’s operations. In order for your engine to stay in good shape and run at its best, you need to take care of your vehicle’s filtration systems. If you need help replacing your air filter or checking on the condition of your car filters, please call or visit the professionals at South Park Tire & Auto Center today.

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