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Back-to-School Season -- How to Drive Safely In School Zones

Brian Bates

Even though the school's status in the fall (whether it will be online or on-campus) is up in the air, so to speak, it is still essential to take certain precautions when driving near a school zone. It is easy to get lost in our head during our drive, or perhaps, you are late to work and have to make a mad dash through a school zone. Either way, it is imperative to slow down, monitor your surroundings, and keep your eyes peeled for eager little ones. 

If you are dropping your little one off at school or have to drive through a school zone to get to work, we recommend reading and following these tips and tips designed to ensure you drive safely in school zones: 

  1. Just in case you didn’t know -- it is illegal to pass a school bus from behind. If you see a bus stopped, and children are either getting on or off, make sure you come to a stop and patiently wait. One of the most common bus-related accidents involving children is caused by drivers illegally passing a stopped bus. 
  2. Never block a crosswalk. Make sure to stay behind the marked white line or road. When vehicles intercede onto the crosswalk, children often have to go around the car, causing them to be in the path of traffic. 
  3. If you see a rectangular rapid flashing beacon flashing, make sure to yield to the pedestrians. We all know that pedestrians have the right away, but you would be surprised to know how often drivers forget this and don’t yield. 
  4. Be respectful to the crossing guard. Crossing guards will be at intersections where children are most at risk. A crossing guard is responsible for protecting every child, but only if drivers respect and listen to the crossing guard. 
  5. This may go out without saying, but reduce your speed -- you would also be surprised to learn how many drivers don’t slow down in a school zone. To be on the safe side, always assume there are children present during school years and slow down! 

A properly maintained vehicle equals a safe drive, and if you are driving in a school zone, you need each component of your car, from your lights to your brakes, to be performing in tip-top shape. Schedule an appointment at South Park Tire & Auto with our technicians, and we will make sure your vehicle is ready for back-to-school season. We are conveniently located at 8081 South Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122.


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