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Monthly Archives: August 2021

What Are the Key Signs That You Need An Oil Change?

What Are the Key Signs That You Need An Oil Change?

Oil changes are simple; when performed at regular intervals, they can improve performance and extend your car's lifespan. While most drivers rely on mileage intervals or warning lights to figure out when to change the oil, it's always best to examine it firsthand. However, your motor oil can be low or deteriorated before the scheduled mileage change comes up. If your engine oil is overdue for service, your engine can struggle to perform and eventually overheat. Below are five indicators to determine whether your vehicle will need an oil change sooner than later.    1 - DIRTY OIL  Fresh and good oil is an amber color and free of any contaminants. The more you drive, the engine oil will get darker and collect debris. The only way to examine the oil's quality is to pop the hood open and use the dipstick.    2 - LOUD ENGINE NOISES Your motor oil is essential because it lubricates the engine by providing a barrier between its complex parts. If you ... read more

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