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5 Most Preventable Auto Repairs

Brian Bates

Auto repair can be stressful, but these worrisome situations can be easily prevented with routine preventative maintenance. The team at South Park Tire & Auto is here to help keep your vehicles running in tip-top shape, and to do so; we can’t emphasize the importance of preventative maintenance enough. Oil changes, fluid level checks, tire rotations, and other services need to be performed at certain intervals. If you neglect these services, you might run into easily prevented auto repairs. 

Here are the five most preventable auto repairs: 

  1. Transmission Replacement: When you think of expensive car repairs, the one that usually comes to mind is transmission replacement. Without a properly working transmission, your vehicle won’t move -- it transfers power from the engine to your wheels. To keep your transmission working correctly, preventative maintenance is a must. Your transmission’s fluid needs to be checked routinely, and if you neglect this service, you might run into transmission replacement. 
  2. Cracked Head Gasket: Your head gasket keeps your coolant from mixing in with your engine oil. If your head gasket cracks, it can damage your engine. If your engine overheats, your head gasket can crack. To prevent your head gasket from cracking, it is essential to have your coolant inspected regularly, along with your hoses and belts being replaced. 
  3. Catalytic Converter Replacement: This component of your engine reduces excessive emissions. If there is an issue with your catalytic converter, your vehicle will fail a smog test. This car part can last as long as your vehicle does, but if it can quickly take a turn for the worst, if you use the wrong oil, your engine burns oil, or if you drive over something too quickly, like a significant speed bump. Oil changes with the correct oil are essential to preventing a catalytic converter replacement. 
  4. Timing Belt Break: Your timing belt connects your vehicle’s crankshaft to the base of your engine to make sure the valves are opening and closing harmoniously. If your timing belt breaks, it can lead to extensive damage throughout your engine. Your timing belt needs to be replaced on a regular basis to prevent this repair. 
  5. Fuel injector replacement: Your fuel injector sprays a fine mist of gas into the combustion chamber, allowing just the right amount gas delivered to the engine. Each cylinder has a fuel injector, and a replacement leads to extensive problems throughout your engine. You can extend your fuel injector’s life without routine maintenance. 

Schedule an appointment at South Park Tire & Auto with our technicians. We are here to help get you through these tough times, as we don’t want you to have to worry about the condition of your vehicle. We are conveniently located at 8081 South Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122.


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